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Representing Injured Workers in Wisconsin

What do clients say about ROBISON LAW?

I was involved in a Worker’s Comp claim that had been dragging on for years and was going nowhere.  When I found Don, he wasted no time playing games.  He dove into my claim and settled it all within a matter of a few short months.  Don’s focus is on his clients, he is consistently on top of your case and uses methods that get’s things DONE.
-Scarlett Wisconsin

Don was very professional, and kept me in touch and informed about my case progress. He made me comfortable at all times. I was very pleased with the outcome.
- Yvonne, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

He was very helpful and professional and consistent about my case. Also courteous. He always returned by phone calls.
- Ricky, South East, Wisconsin

Don is a wonderful lawyer. He answers all questions promptly. Don is thorough in all areas. Don has helped me in two cases and in both it was handled beautifully. If you want a great lawyer who handles your case in a timely and professional manner, Don Robison is your man. H will fight for you in every way. 
-Tammy R Wisconsin

I originally hired Don several years ago when I was injured at work while loading a truck. Don got me a settlement with the workers compensation company and it also turned into a personal injury claim that he represented me in and things worked out well.  When that was all over, I hired him again to represent me and my wife in another law suit. If anything else happens, I would call Don again.
- E. Schneider, Wisconsin

I was hurt at work in 2007. The firm that originally had my case and filed a claim for me dropped it, because they did not think they could help me. I hired Atty. Robison and he worked hard to find evidence and doctor testimony to create a case for me. I was happy with my settlement. I sent one my friends to Atty. Robison and he did a very good job for her to.
- P. Schultz, Wisconsin

I have had three cases with Atty. Don Robison so far. I have recommended other people to him and if I  ever need an attorney I will call him. 
- D. Romani, Wisconsin

Atty Robison was recommended to me by a friend. He did a super job in my case against an insurance company.
- K. Applewhite, Wisconsin

Atty Robison helped me when my company wouldn't give me the money they owed me. Once Atty Robison got involved, I got all the money I was promised. They gave me an apology too. He always answered my phone calls and took the time to talk to me. Other attornies had never done that.
-M. Diez, Illinois